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Daniela Fisher

Owner, Naturally Given
Partner, Glarea Elevated Learning
Daniela Fisher - 50 Women of Options

Passionate about her work as an Emotional and Energy Healer/Well-being Coach, Daniela Fisher’s main purpose is to work with people to remind them of their Divinity and Light. She is the founder of Naturally Given, a health and wellness brand, and is a partner at Glarea Elevated Learning, a unique school that helps children discover their unique life purpose. Daniela says finding meaning and purpose in life brings joy and instantly reconnects us with our true selves.

Committed to giving and living in collaboration, Daniela has always taught her two children the importance of being grateful and helping others. She believes so much of the violence in the world is connected to toxic emotions and if people could learn to love themselves then they would be able to love others and therefore we could create a planet of love!

She is excited to be part of Women of Options for the second year. Daniela believes that together we are a powerful force who are ready to serve our highest good, and raise vibration in the world.

Daniela believes that “All We Need To Know Is Within Us,” the only thing that limite us are our minds! Each one of us possesses a unique soul gift, and occupies a special place on Earth. We all came here to learn how to love and to shine bright! Originally from Buenos Aires, she has lived in Canada for 24 years.

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“The more we support each other, the more we can create a stronger, more supportive community and therefore world.”

Daniela Fisher