50 Women of Options - An Options Community Services Campaign

An Affordable Housing Campaign

Celebrating 50 Years of Community Impact

50 Women of Options - An Options Community Services Campaign

The Story

Options Community Services is a registered charity with more than 80 programs serving over 100,000 people each year in Surrey, Delta, White Rock and Langley. Our Mission is to inspire hope and belonging for all, by building a healthy and caring community where everyone thrives.

The absence of affordable housing is one of the biggest issues faced by the people who reach out to Options Community Services. It has also been cited as the biggest barrier to combating homelessness.

Homelessness is not a new issue, but the faces of those impacted have changed. According to the 2020 Homeless Count in Metro Vancouver (data taken in March pre-pandemic), Surrey had the second highest number of individuals affected by homelessness.

For those experiencing homelessness for the first time, 43% were under the age of 25 and 45% were over the age of 55.

Amanda | OCS former client

I was a teenage mom who needed to get her life together before she even knew how to. Finding affordable housing was really important—I could’ve ended up way worse without the support that I had. Life is just hard and it’s nice to have that support there when you know that people care and it encourages you to do better for yourself.

Amanda | ocs former client

The Project

At Options, we’ve felt called to step up to help address this most critical need as we plan our first purpose-built, mixed income housing site at King George and 81st Avenue in Surrey.

Of the 100 housing units spread across the top four floors of this build, 30 will be market rentals (still targeted to vulnerable populations, as not all vulnerability is financial), while the remaining 70 will be non-market rentals—designated as affordable housing, with rent starting as low as $375 per month for a one-bedroom.

These units will be for tenants including: women fleeing violence, refugees, seniors, at-risk youth and others facing barriers in finding decent and affordable housing.

The ground and second floors of this affordable housing build will host several community services, such as: Early Years, special needs services for children, and mental health outreach – allowing Options to expand accessibility to our services to not only the tenants, but to the community as well.

Affordable Housing Project Surrey  - An Options Community Services Campaign

If you have a home then you have some sense of security and dignity, and everyone should have that.

Kamaljit Lehal, campaign co-chair
50 Women of Options - An Options Community Services Campaign
presented by campaign co-chairs
Kamaljit Lehal | OCS Woman of Options

Kamaljit Lehal

Lawyer & Founder, Lehal Law
Chair, Options Community Services Board of Directors

Christine Mohr | OCS Woman of Options

Christine Mohr

Chief Executive Officer,
Options Community Services

We are honoured that 50 incredible women from the South Fraser community have stepped up to be a “voice” for our campaign, but it will take many others supporting them to see this through to success!

Please consider supporting one of our 50 “Women of Options” as they each work to raise $25,000 towards the overall goal.

Together we can erect the walls on this development and provide a safe haven for many people who are in need of stable and affordable housing.

These 50 women, along with your partnership, are about to affect vital community change for years to come. Thank you for your support.

Anita Huberman | 50 Women of Options

Anita Huberman

CEO, Surrey Board of Trade and Honorary Captain of the Royal Canadian Navy

As a community stakeholder who cares about the livability of all residents, and as the CEO of Surrey Board of Trade, Anita Huberman believes this building project will give individuals opportunities for productive pathways to give back to their communities and make a difference in their professional lives.

“By having this housing option implemented it will make Surrey an opportunity city.”


Kamaljit Lehal | OCS Woman of Options

Gurjinder K. Bhurji

Real Estate Professional Royal Lepage Wolstencroft Realty, Owner, Stylin’ Confidence Beauty Salon

As a Realtor, Gurjinder Bhurji knows firsthand how difficult it is for many people to afford anything right now in the housing market. She is always looking for ways to help people and loves finding ways to be involved with the community.

“Affordable housing provides a home to those that otherwise may not be able to afford a home. It is one of the basic necessities of life and a place where one can feel comfortable and safe.”


Daniela Fisher - 50 Women of Options

Daniela Fisher

Owner, Naturally Given and Partner, Glarea Elevated Learning

Passionate about her work as an Emotional and Energy Healer/Life Coach, Daniela Fisher’s main purpose is to remind people of their Divinity and Light. We all came here to learn how to love and to shine bright! When she heard about the Options’ affordable housing project, she instantly decided to join the team!

“The more we support each other, the more we can create a stronger, more supportive community and therefore world.”


Bo Long - 50 Women of Options

Bo Long

Homemaker and Community Volunteer

As an active member of the Chinese community in the Greater Vancouver area, Bo Long is excited to tell her community about the Options’ affordable housing project. She wants to engage with new Canadians and work together to make a difference.

“I am always grateful for all the help I received when I first came to Canada. I have a duty to give back.”


Jamie Squires - 50 Women of Options

Jamie Squires

Senior Vice President and Managing Broker, Fifth Avenue Marketing | Matching Gift Sponsor

Over the past 18 years, Jamie Squires has worked her way up at Fifth Avenue Marketing from advertising to senior vice president and managing broker. She is looking forward to creating awareness, bringing this build to fruition and being able to help people.

“My big thing is bringing people home and getting the whole industry involved. When it comes to community, we should all work together.”


Bonny Moy - 50 Women of Options

Bonnie Moy

Real Estate Professional, HomeLife Benchmark Realty

Bonnie Moy has 30 years as a Real Estate Professional, and 40 years as an investor providing residential and commercial real estate rental properties. She has seen Surrey’s population bloom and grow and knows how important affordable housing is to ensure the future success of the city as a whole and within the local community.

“Surrey has experienced huge growth within the Lower Mainland. Once considered ‘affordable,’ Surrey’s property values increased as they have through the lower mainland. Affordable housing in the city is a real factor.”


Kamaljit Lehal | OCS Woman of Options

Kamaljit Lehal

Lawyer and Founder, Lehal Law & Chair, Options Community Services Board of Directors

As a lawyer for over 30 years, an advocate for women fleeing violence, and a member of Options Community Services Board of Directors since 1996, the Options’ affordable housing project aligns with Kamaljit Lehal’s values as she believes it’s a fundamental right for everyone to have a home.

“Whatever work I do must align with my core beliefs that every human being needs to be treated with respect and dignity.”


Elaine Cheung - 50 Women of Options

Elaine Cheung

Co-Founder, Hilarapy

Elaine Cheung co-founded Hilarapy, an organization dedicated to teaching people to share their vulnerable stories harnessing the power of comedy. As a passionate volunteer, when Elaine heard about the Options’ affordable housing project, she knew she wanted to be involved with a team of 50 inspiring, strong women who get things done.

“It’s very important to have a mix, no social stratification. It gives people a chance to succeed and be part of the community. Knowing we are part of something is life-changing, it gives me goosebumps!”


Judy Higginbotham - 50 Women of Options

Judy Higginbotham

Former Surrey City Councillor

Elected in 1983 as a city councillor in Surrey, Judy Higginbotham served for 25 years before retiring. She is now an active volunteer for many organizations and looks forward to raising the money needed for the Options’ affordable housing project and seeing it bloom.

“We have solutions, we know the answer to most of the questions to these challenges, we just need someone to put it together. That’s why the Options project appealed to me.”


Dianne Watts - 50 Women of Options

Dianne Watts

Former Mayor of Surrey and former MP South Surrey – White Rock

“Home” may look different for many people, some are fortunate enough to have their own home while others are renting and some are struggling in their life. Whatever home looks like, Dianne believes housing is critical to finding success.

“One of the greatest things we can do as a society is to ensure that people have a home. It’s important to make sure that we all come together and lift up those who are struggling and make sure they have a good opportunity to succeed.”


Gail Sangha - 50 Women of Options

Gail Sangha

Director of Operations, Global Agriculture Trans-Loading Inc. | Campaign Sponsor

As operations director for a busy trans-loading facility in Surrey, Gurmez (Gail) Sangha oversees day-to-day transport, which includes road, rail and water. She has heard stories of women being abused in Surrey and not having a place to live or go and she wants to help fund a safe place for them through the Options’ affordable housing project.

“I really don’t like anyone, especially women, to be without a home. I’m looking forward to helping make somebody’s life better. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


Louella Mathias - 50 Women of Options

Louella Mathias

Co-Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Options Community Services

With 30 years of experience in the public, non-profit and post-secondary sectors, Options Community Services Co-Vice Chair, Louella has a deep understanding of community needs and is committed to advocating for improved services in the community.

“Housing prices are disproportionate to household income, making affordable housing an important community issue.”


Nicole Quinn - 50 Women of Options

Nicole Quinn

Realtor, Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp.

As a third-generation Realtor, Nicole Quinn is proud to follow in her family’s footsteps of a lifetime of philanthropy and community service. Working in the housing industry has shown her the need and demand for affordable housing in Surrey.

“Surrey is massive and we have so many different sub-cities and communities. We’re stronger when we’re integrated and merged as one community.”


Michele Partridge - 50 Women of Options

Michele Partridge

Owner, Your Confidence Coach

Despite the pandemic, Michele Partridge is busier than ever with her work in the film industry, teaching classes and workshops and volunteering in the White Rock area. When she heard about the Options’ affordable housing project, she realized this was something she had always wanted to focus on and do more about.

“We have all had hardships in one way or another, and we need people who believe in us, help us and support us in those times.”


Karen Huang - 50 Women of Options

Karen Huang

VP of the Chinese Village Club

Karen is very involved in local organizations and volunteering. In 2014 she co-founded the Chinese Village Club, which is dedicated to connecting communities and building bridges through colourful community activities. Since 2019 she has worked full time for the Club. She enjoys serving the community by organizing events and supporting nonprofit organizations.

“Our club’s mission is to connect people. I’m looking forward to learning more about affordable housing and how to make projects like this happen.”


Mary Martin - 50 Women of Options

Mary Martin

Former Surrey City Councillor

Before spending 13 years as a city councillor, Mary Martin worked in the medical industry for many years as an office manager. She believes that affordable housing is vital for families and individuals to have successful outcomes and be a part of a healthy community.

“Affordable housing in Surrey allows people to live, work and play in their own city.”


Sheila Harjani - 50 Women of Options

Sheila Harjani

Owner, Leaders of Tomorrow Academy

Nine years ago, Sheila Harjani and her family moved to Canada from Indonesia so her children could receive better education. Now in Richmond, she has noticed the sharp increase in housing prices in the Greater Vancouver area and thinks this affordable housing project is a noble thing to do.

“Nobody dies in Indonesia when they live outdoors because the weather is so temperate. When I think about people here having to sleep outside on top of all this hardship, I know we need to do what we can to help.”


Shelly Lynn Hughes - 50 Women of Options

Shelly Lynn Hughes

Owner, Fresh Magazine and Project Her

Shelly Lynn Hughes is the owner and publisher of Fresh Magazine and is working on a book called Pursuit 365. She has experienced having plenty and needing help from others and knows everyone needs help every now and then. If she can help someone else then that’s what she wants to do.

“Everybody needs a helping hand every now and then and if I can make a difference in my community then I want to do that.”


Joan Forge - 50 Women of Options

Joan Forge

Retired Government Relations and Communications Professional, Affiliated with BC Lions Football Club

Being relatively new to the Fraser Valley, Joan Forge is looking forward to getting involved and making a difference in her new home. Since retiring from her government and community relations business, Forge Ahead Communications, Joan is living out her dream of designing and creating handcrafted items and has started an online business called One Day Mercantile.

“I want to be more than a bystander. This is a chance to get involved in the community we now call home and to help those in need.”


Isabelle Hayer - 50 Women of Options

Isabelle Martinez Hayer

Mortgage Broker, Dominion Lending Centres – A Better Way, and Rotary Club of Surrey, President (1997-1998; 2019-2020)

Isabelle’s passion in life is service to the community. Through her diverse contributions as a community volunteer, Isabelle supports projects that help promote resiliency, the environment, are sustainable, and address gaps in society that leave those in need struggling to live in a safe environment.

“I believe that affordable housing should not just be an aspiration, but rather a fundamental choice that should be available to all Canadian residents in need.”


Lori Quinn - 50 Women of Options

Lori Quinn

Community Volunteer and Philanthropist

Retired Real Estate agent Lori Quinn is a busy mother of two, philanthropist and national competitor of Arabian horses. With the homeless population rising, and no affordable housing options, she has noticed we could be headed towards a housing crisis. Lori believes the Options’ affordable housing project is a wonderful initiative and a great way to give back.

“My family is in Real Estate and the prices have been skyrocketing. How can a young family buy anything? And if you’re single or on minimum wage, it’s not an option. Affordable housing is a necessity.”


Louise McKnight - 50 Women of Options

Louise McKnight

Associate Broker, Team McKnight/Macdonald Realty, past Co-owner of Bay Realty

As a Real Estate agent, housing is very important to Louise McKnight. She has lived in the South Surrey White Rock area for almost 35 years. She’s looking forward to working with Options on this affordable housing project to support people in need and deepening her connections with the community.

“Every person including children and youth need to feel safe to relax and dream. They need to feel worthy and have a place to call home.”


Luisa Hough - 50 Women of Options

Luisa Hough

Mortgage Professional, Partner, Xeva Mortgage

Since 2004, Luisa Hough has worked as a mortgage professional, helping people with getting into their homes and helping clients with their financial goals. As a young woman, she faced some challenges and it’s important to her to support other women who need help. She believes that affordable housing is a necessity as it builds communities and provides people with stability.

“Having affordable housing enables its residents to search and find jobs that allow them to pay for their shelter as well as put food on the table and create a healthy environment in which to raise their families.”


Barbara McCaugherty - 50 Women of Options

Barbara McCaugherty

RBC Mortgage Specialist

As a mortgage specialist at RBC, Barbara McCaugherty feels this affordable housing project aligns well with her passion, her interest in community involvement and the work she has been involved with throughout her career.

“My kids are older now and I have more time to help out in the community. I’m pretty passionate about affordable housing for people.”


Ritu Khanna - 50 Women of Options

Ritu Khanna

Executive Director, South Surrey and White Rock Chamber of Commerce

Ritu Khanna brings to this project a wealth of experience from BC and Ontario in the not-for-profit and private sectors. She believes in the services offered by Options.

“Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Providing affordable and safe housing for residents of diverse backgrounds, incomes and abilities is critical.”


Rebecca Bollwitt - 50 Women of Options

Rebecca Bollwitt

Digital Media Publisher (Miss 604/sixty4media)

Born and raised in Surrey, Rebecca Bollwitt has blogged about life in BC since 2004 on Miss604.com. She is looking forward to supporting the Options affordable housing campaign as housing is a big concern and an essential resource that everyone deserves to have.

“Everyone has the right to affordable housing, especially in my hometown of Surrey where there’s such an incredible need.”


Kiran Dhaliwal - 50 Women of Options

Kiran Dhaliwal

HR Consultant/BC Public Service

For 15 years, Kiran Dhaliwal worked in human resources and for the past six years has been involved with politics at the federal and provincial level. She is a firm believer that safe and secure housing is a basic human right, which is why she’s supporting the Options’ affordable housing project.

“There is a need for affordable housing and I am very excited to be a part of this and to work closely with the voices and experiences of the other women who have joined to make this happen.”


Rebecca Darnell - 50 Women of Options

Rebecca Darnell

Lawyer, DLG Darnell Law Group

Before attending law school, Rebecca Darnell honed her skills in banking, as a court recorder/transcriber and as a freelance paralegal at several law firms. Her work in family law has shown her how many women are trapped in unhealthy or abusive relationships because they don’t have the economic means to leave.

“It’s important for the success and self-esteem of every citizen and individual to have a place to call home.”


Tammy Bourelle - 50 Women of Options

Tammy Bourelle

Chief Operations Officer: Home base

With a background in sales, Tammy Bourelle, a wife and mother of two for the past 11 years, enjoys supporting small local non-profit organizations. Always wanting to help with a project like this, she is looking forward to making people more aware of what help is needed in Surrey.

“I didn’t realize how many women and children are struggling to find safe housing accommodations and I was inspired to find a way to help.”


Ramona Kaptyn - 50 Women of Options

Ramona Kaptyn

President, White Rock Surrey Chapter C.A.R.P. – A New Vision of Aging for Canada & City of Surrey Council Candidate

Ramona Kaptyn is a communications specialist and has worked in international development in Southeast Asian countries to contribute to a more equitable world. She has seen the difference affordable housing makes firsthand and says there’s a lot of unseen struggling and a real need for affordable housing in Surrey.

“Everybody needs a sense of belonging and everybody needs a home, a place to feel secure.”


Caroline Scott - 50 Women of Options

Caroline Scott

Retired Teacher, VP Operations Vision 1 Steel Corporation

When retired grade one teacher Caroline Scott heard about the Options’ affordable housing project, she recalled the early days when she was a single mom of four young children and attending university part time to get her Bachelor of Education degree. While she had help from family, she knows many others don’t.

“If people are struggling, they need support. I’m excited to be able to help enlighten others and make them more aware of the programs Options has available.”


Karen Conyers - 50 Women of Options

Karen Conyers

Personal Real Estate Corporation, Team Lead for Conyers & Associates, Chair for Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary

As a busy Realtor in the Surrey White Rock area, Karen Conyers has basically lived her whole life in the peninsula. She’s a firm believer that when people have a safe place to live and sleep well, then they’re not as dependent on other things to escape the pain and fear.

“When people have a place that they feel safe in, they can sleep better and their stress levels go down.”


Linda Hepner - 50 Women of Options

Linda Hepner

Former Mayor of Surrey

Now retired after representing Surrey first as a manager with the city of Surrey, then as a three term city councillor and ultimately as mayor, Linda Hepner is passionate about looking for ways to help and improve the lives of the people of Surrey. She says there are many families living at or below the poverty line and there’s a great need for affordable housing.

“This project is filling a community need even at a time when we have all been so insular and isolated with COVID. It gives us an opportunity to help.”


Michelle DesRosiers - 50 Women of Options

Michelle DesRosiers

Senior Vice President, Project Operations, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing | Matching Gift Sponsor

Beginning in a junior role and growing to senior vice president at Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd., Michelle DesRosiers has always had a passion for homes. Though people may never know about her involvement in this Options’ affordable housing project, it’s the joy this initiative is going to bring so many lives that excites her.

“The same as food or water, everyone deserves a safe space to retreat to. Unfortunately, it’s not within reach for many. Housing is essential and I believe it’s important to support initiatives that work towards offering accessible housing to both individuals and families alike.”


Rosemary Wallace - 50 Women of Options

Rosemary Wallace

City Councillor, Langley & Local Artist

Rosemary Wallace has been involved with Langley City for more than 20 years, contributing on many levels from volunteering to serving as a school trustee and city councillor. She hopes the Options’ affordable housing project in Surrey is successful, as that will establish doing more of this for other municipalities.

“When you’re housed and you feel secure you’re able to do so many more things. It comes down to that—helping one person helps so many others.”


Taylor Thoen - 50 Women of Options

Taylor Thoen

CEO, BTV-Business Television

Taylor Thoen is the CEO of BTV, a TV production and Digital Marketing Agency with the longest running investment TV show in Canada. Year over year, Surrey has recognized enormous business and community growth. Taylor says when that happens, affordable housing gets upticked into less affordability creating a need.

“I fully support this housing project as it will positively impact the recipients and community of Surrey.”


Trish Stew - 50 Women of Options

Trish Stew

Administrative Assistant, Alldritt Property Management

For the past decade, Trish Stew has worked part time as an administrative assistant at Alldritt Property Management. From her volunteer work with Kimz Angels, she knows there are many families that can’t afford to get into a house and affordable housing is in big demand.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who can’t afford housing—the prices are so ridiculous and it’s something we need more of.”


Nira Arora - 50 Women of Options

Nira Arora

Morning Show Host and Executive Producer, 94.5 FM Virgin Radio

Before becoming the morning show host for 94.5 Virgin Radio, Nira Arora worked in TV and print broadcasting. She believes we’ve all learned a lot from the pandemic and people have come together to build something for those who are less fortunate. They have another opportunity to come together with this affordable housing project.

“Isn’t it a huge place of pride to know that you as a city want to help those who may not be able to provide for themselves or their family? I think it’s amazing.”


Puneet Sandhar - 50 Women of Options

Puneet Sandhar

Partner, Sanghera Sandhar Law Group

A lawyer by profession, Puneet Sandhar immigrated to Surrey in 2002 and is married with two young girls. She is looking forward to raising awareness and funds for the Options’ affordable housing project and seeing it come to fruition, especially since this project will assist vulnerable youth, who are our future.

“I look at my girls and would do anything so they can have a good future. Other people deserve just as much.”


Dr. Joat Dhaliwal - 50 Women of Options

Dr. Joat Dhaliwal

Medical Practitioner

As someone who is always trying to give back, Joat Dhaliwal grew up in a political family that emphasized treating others with kindness and giving back to the community. In life, and more specifically in her career, she has seen many individuals succumb to unfortunate circumstances they never asked to take part in, and strongly believes it is our duty as a community to provide support to our neighbours.

“If we can provide people with affordable housing, we’re giving them a place they can feel safe and safety/shelter should always be considered a basic human need. Having a home becomes a stepping stone for individuals to achieve more and provides them with a brighter, healthier future. Eventually everything comes full circle and these individuals will be in positions to also give back to our beautiful community. And why wouldn’t we want to make our community better and stronger together?”


Shelly Howard - 50 Women of Options

Shelly Howard

Technology Sector – Partner Development Manager

As someone who has always been interested in the power of innovation, Shelly Howard has spent her entire career working to help customers and partners leverage technology to drive new and improved business solutions. Working together to drive positive outcomes is in her DNA and she is excited to bring her passion to the Options’ affordable housing project. Shelly believes that affordable housing is a basic need and that we just don’t have enough options in the Lower Mainland.

“How can you even begin to support yourself or your family if you don’t have a place to call home and a stable roof over your head?”


Christine Mohr | OCS Woman of Options

Christine Mohr

CEO, Options Community Services

Although she has been in her role as CEO of Options Community Services for 14 years, Christine Mohr has had her hands in social service work since she was 15 years old. She sees the impact of poverty and the lack of affordable housing on people’s sense of security and well being.

“When people have the secure foundation of a safe and affordable home, often other things also fall into place. Seeing someone move from danger to safety, it’s indescribable. It’s life altering. And, we all do better when our neighbours are doing better.”


Deborah Salh - 50 Women of Options

Deborah Salh

Chair, South Surrey White Rock Federal Liberal Association

Deborah Salh’s work in social work and politics has shown her the importance of affordable housing on a personal level. At the rate Surrey is growing, Deborah believes both industry and housing are needed so people can live and work in the city. She loves how this building project will create community instead of segregating people.

“When we pull together, for me that’s when we stop looking at each other as the ‘other’ and we start to connect. It brings out the best in us. We stop looking the other way and we become stronger communities.”


Penny Priddy - 50 Women of Options

Penny Priddy

Former Surrey School Trustee, Former MLA, Former Surrey Councillor and Former Surrey MP

Before being elected to all levels of government, Penny Priddy was a nurse, CEO, consultant and a college instructor. When she was asked to support the Options’ affordable housing project it was an immediate “yes.” Options is known to create multi-age programs that are always focused on strengthening our city of Surrey.

“Surrey’s trademark is The Future Lives Here! With the help of Options and affordable housing, we will grow and thrive in the years to come.”


Susan Tucker - 50 Women of Options

Susan Tucker

Owner, Susan Tucker Massage Therapy

Susan Tucker is a registered massage therapist at Susan Tucker Massage Therapy. When she learned about the Women of Options’ affordable housing project she thought it was an exciting and important campaign. As Surrey continues to grow, Susy believes it becomes more and more important to balance all housing options.

“A city is only as strong as its weakest link and we can and must support all members of society in order to make our city the best place possible.”


Raj Arneja - 50 Women of Options

Raj Arneja

Author, Director, Community Engagement, Nanak Foods


Author Raj Arneja has just released her debut memoir Love at First Sight: A Mother’s Journey to Adoption. She is also the director of community engagement at Nanak Food focusing on philanthropy and community, and believes initiatives like the Options’ affordable housing project allows people to secure housing and be part of a community.

“This affordable housing project is such an important, relevant cause for our local community.”


Mary Polak - 50 Women of Options

Mary Polak

Former Langley MLA and cabinet minister

A self-described “recovering politician,” Mary Polak served as a Langley MLA for 15 years. The communities of Surrey and Langley are so closely linked, she knows this affordable housing project is going to have a positive impact on her home community.

“This is something we all feel good about, professionally and personally. It’s always wonderful to be involved in a project that brings together a great group of people.”


Suki Kooner - 50 Women of Options

Suki Kooner

RBC Mobile Mortgage Specialist

As a mortgage specialist in the mortgage industry, Suki Kooner works to help her clients with personalized advice and solutions to make their home ownership goals happen. A firm believer in lifting women up, she does whatever she can to help in the community and is especially passionate about women’s housing.

“It’s a passion of mine to help within the community. Whatever we can do helps.”


Sargy Chima - 50 Women of Options

Sargy Chima

Team Leader, Employment and Social Development Canada

Sargy Chima is a self-employed property developer and Team Leader with ESDC. When she thinks about the Options’ affordable housing project, women and single moms come to mind. Sargy knows this project will allow women, single moms and low income families to have a comfortable, safe, affordable home in the community.

“We need to think about bringing families together and improving their quality of life.”


Tammy Dyer - 50 Women of Options

Tammy Dyer

Deputy Executive Director, Options Community Services

At least twice a day, Tammy Dyer drives past the land where the Options’ affordable housing project is planned and looks forward to the day they break ground. Over her 34 years at Options, Tammy has seen first-hand the positive difference affordable housing can make in a person’s life.

“People need a safe, clean affordable place to live. How do you ever get a leg up in the world if you can’t even have an affordable place to live to start? You’ll always be behind.”


Jas Salh - 50 Women of Options

Jas Salh

Investment & Insurance Advisor, IA Private Wealth

With many years of experience in the securities industry, Jas Salh’s knowledge of the markets and dedication to providing excellent customer service aid her in understanding and satisfying the requirements of clients. She focuses on both building her business and giving back to the community.

“If people have a roof over their head it gives them dignity and a sense of security. This allows them to pursue other things and helps them lift themselves out of poverty.”


Laura Ballance - 50 Women of Options

Laura Ballance

President, Laura Ballance Media Group

Laura Ballance and her company have a deep commitment to the community and donate both significant money and time to nonprofit and pro-bono work. Over the course of her career, Laura has done a lot of work supporting people transitioning from the low point in their lives back to where they can be a functioning member of society. She believes the first step for any person in transition is having a safe place to rest their head so they can address the other issues in their life.

“We all need to come together, especially in these incredibly complex times, to support one another and lift up our region. Now is the time.”


When you give a person a place to call home… the healing begins.

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