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Maninder Grewal

Banker, Khalsa Credit
Bonny Moy - 50 Women of Options

Maninder Grewal is a mother, grandmother and banker. She immigrated to Canada in 1981 with the dream of raising a family in a beautiful and safe country, and is very proud of her three wonderful children.

Once her children were in school, she decided to pursue a career in finance. The work Maninder does emcompasses many facets, including helping newcomers set up their finances and helping business leaders in the community grow their portfolios.

Maninder enjoys mentoring new employees and working with leaders in finance such as Tochi Sandhu, who was her first manager.

She is an active volunteer in the community as a board member of PICS and a member at large with Mannkind and The Saheli Foundation.

She uses her platform to support organizations such as Khalsa Aid, Guru Nanak Free Kitchen, Guru Nanak Food Bank and provides scholarships for youth. Feeling privileged to be able to assist in any way she can, Maninder loves seeing women help women as some of her greatest support has come from her mother, daughters and friends.

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“I truly feel that a strong and independent woman can move mountains. We are raising future leaders and members of society.”

Maninder Grewal