Comedy Therapy for Gamechangers

by lizzie allan

Last week the Women of Options launched their Game Changers campaign, and I am so excited for the ride. I’ve joined forces with a cohort of inspiring women, and we intend to create solutions and financial flow for young people who face barriers and need a leg up. Let’s go!

Women of Options 2022: Gamechangers is an initiative that brings together fifty women from the South Fraser Region to raise $25,000 each for a youth at risk discretionary fund.

The total fundraising goal for Women of Options 2022: Gamechangers is $1.5 million to support youth, including those who are – newcomers, unemployed, street entrenched, pregnant and parenting, gang-affiliated, homeless and in need of housing, seeking high school diplomas, in need of mental health assistance, and more.

So, here’s my plan, a night out! Come to my cracking brilliant comedy show ‘Connection Please!’ on May 28th and bring your big heart and belly laughs. My show is about surviving madness, internalized homophobia, and addiction, all relatable subjects.

If you have seen my show ‘Connection Please!’ come again and bring all your friends, and your mother. Spread the love by sharing this link with as many people as possible. Every person I make laugh helps change the game for a young person! Thank you so much!